Metatranscriptome Workflow (v0.0.2)


MetaT is a workflow designed to analyze metatranscriptomes, building on top of already existing NMDC workflows for processing input. The metatranscriptoimics workflow takes in raw data and starts by quality filtering the reads using the RQC worfklow. With filtered reads, the workflow filters out rRNA reads (and separates the interleaved file into separate files for the pairs) using bbduk (BBTools). After the filtering steps, reads are assembled into transcripts and using MEGAHIT and annotated using the Metagenome Anotation Workflow; producing GFF funtional annotation files. Features are counted with Subread’s featureCounts which assigns mapped reads to genomic features and generating RPKMs for each feature in a GFF file for sense and antisense reads.

Workflow Diagram

Metatranscriptome workflow

Workflow Availability

The workflow uses the listed docker images to run all third-party tools. The workflow is available in GitHub:; and the corresponding Docker images that have all the required dependencies are available in following DockerHub (,, and

Requirements for Execution (recommendations are in bold):

  1. WDL-capable Workflow Execution Tool (Cromwell)
  2. Container Runtime that can load Docker images (Docker v2.1.0.3 or higher)

Workflow Dependencies

Third-party software (These are included in the Docker images.)

  1. BBTools v38.94. (License: BSD-3-Clause-LBNL.)
  2. BBMap v38.94. (License: BSD-3-Clause-LBNL.)
  3. Python v3.7.6. (License: Python Software Foundation License)
  4. featureCounts v2.0.2. (License: GNU-GPL)
  5. R v3.6.0. (License: GPL-2/GPL-3)
  6. edgeR v3.28.1. (R package) (License: GPL (>=2))
  7. pandas v1.0.5. (python package) (License: BSD-3-Clause)
  8. gffutils v0.10.1. (python package) (License: MIT)

Requisite database

The RQCFilterData Database must be downloaded and installed. This is a 106 GB tar file which includes reference datasets of artifacts, adapters, contaminants, the phiX genome, rRNA kmers, and some host genomes. The following commands will download the database:

tar -xvf RQCFilterData.tar
rm RQCFilterData.tar

Sample dataset(s)

The following files are provided with the GitHub download in the test_data folder:

  1. Raw reads: test_data/test_interleave.fastq.gz (output from ReadsQC workflow)
  2. Annotation file: test_functional_annotation.gff (output from mg_annotation workflow)

Input: A JSON file containing the following

  1. a name for the analysis
  2. the number of cpus requested
  3. the path to the clean input interleaved fastq file (recommended: the output from the Reads QC workflow)
  4. the path to the rRNA_kmer database provided as part of RQCFilterData
  5. the path to the assembled transcripts (output of part 1)
  6. the paths to the reads with rRNA removed (paired-end files) (output of part 1)
  7. the path to the annotation file (from the Metagenome Annotation workflow)

An example JSON file is shown below:

  "metat_omics.project_name": "test",
  "metat_omics.no_of_cpus": 1,
  "metat_omics.rqc_clean_reads": "test_data/test_interleave.fastq",
  "metat_omics.ribo_kmer_file": "/path/to/riboKmers20fused.fa.gz",
  "metat_omics.metat_contig_fn": "/path/to/megahit_assem.contigs.fa",
  "metat_omics.non_ribo_reads": [
  "metat_omics.ann_gff_fn": "test_data/test_functional_annotation.gff"


Output is split up between steps of the workflow. The first half of the workflow will output rRNA-filtered reads and the assembled transcripts. After annotations and featureCount steps include a JSON file that contain RPKMs for both sense and antisense, reads, and information from annotation for each feature. An example of JSON outpus:

       "featuretype": "transcript",
       "seqid": "k123_15",
       "id": "STRG.2.1",
       "source": "StringTie",
       "start": 1,
       "end": 491,
       "length": 491,
       "strand": ".",
       "frame": ".",
       "extra": [],
       "cov": "5.928717",
       "FPKM": "76638.023438",
       "TPM": "146003.046875"

Below is an example of the output directory files with descriptions to the right.

Directory/File Name Description
metat_output/sense_out.json RPKM for each feature on + strand
metat_output/antisense_out.json RPKM for each feature on - strand
assembly/megahit_assem.contigs.fa assembled transcripts
mapback/mapped_sorted.bam alignment of reads and transcripts
qa/_interleaved.fastq non-ribosomal reads
qa/filterStats.txt summary statistics in JSON format
qa/filterStats2.txt more detailed summary statistics
annotation/annotations.json annotation information
annotation/features.json feature information
annotation/_cath_funfam.gff features from cath database
annotation/_cog.gff features from cog databse
annotation/_ko_ec.gff features from ko database
annotation/_pfam.gff features from pfam database
annotation/_smart.gff features from smart database
annotation/_structural_annotation.gff structural features
annotation/_supfam.gff features from supfam databse
annotation/_tigrfam.gff features from trigfam database
annotation/_functional_annotation.gff functional features
annotation/_ec.tsv ec terms tsv
annotation/_ko.tsv ko terms tsv
annotation/proteins.faa fasta containing protiens

Version History

  • 0.0.2 (release date 01/14/2021; previous versions: 0.0.1)
  • 0.0.3 (release date 07/28/2021; previous versions: 0.0.2)

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